Court Booking

Our online court booking system runs through the club’s membership database and all eligible Senior Members can book available courts. To use please activate your memberGRIP account using the information email when you joined.

Please click here to access memberGRIP login

If you have any difficulty setting up your password, please contact us

Court Booking
Senior members have priority over junior members to courts. Court booking is a facility available to senior members only.
Courts can be booked online via memberGRIP up to 7 days in advance, on a rolling day basis. (Please note you will need to know your login details).
Only one booking per member per day is permitted..
A senior member who is playing with a junior member cannot book the court in advance.


Note: During league fixtures, some matches inevitably finish sooner than others. As a courtesy to both teams, social games are not permitted on vacant courts that are directly adjacent to a league match.


Cancellation of courts

Please keep in mind that when you book a court this reduces court availability to other members. The online court booking system has a facility for a
member to put themselves on a waiting list for a particular court. Therefore if you are unable to keep the booking arrangement please cancel the court and allow the waiting list to be activated. If we continue to have courts booked that are not used we will have to review the booking procedure and restrict the booking facility.

Please Note:
From time to time club will organise events which require court usage that members have previously booked. In such instances the system
administrators may have to overwrite bookings. The club will keep these instances to a minimum and if it is unavoidable, those whose bookings have been overwritten will get a call from the club.

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