Club Access

Access to the Club Grounds and Clubhouse is controlled by an access control system

This allows members access to the facilities and provides a record of who uses the club.  One access card is issued per membership category (i.e. family, senior, junior).  

Cards are issued subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1.  Cards remain the property of Laytown Bettystown Lawn Tennis Club
  2.  Each card issued will be used by the individual only or in the case of family membership by the named family members.
  3.  As the card database logs member names, each member is required to present their card on entry and not tailgate a previous member.
  4.  Cards are not to be shared under any circumstances.
  5.  If a member is found to have shared a card a month’s suspension will be put in place and a re-occurrence will be escalated to the Committee.   
  6.  No membership fees will be returned in the event of any sanction in this circumstance.
  7.  Additional or replacement cards can be provided at a cost of €25 per card.
  8.  The card will be returned to the Club in the event membership is not renewed


It is possible to order an additional card for family member card or replace a lost card here.