The club welcomes and indeed encourages parents who wish to stay and supervise sessions, (for safety and supervision, not necessarily for their ‘technical’ expertise!)


Parents should note that adult supervision is provided only at the following times:-


  • During your child’s allocated coaching period as part of the club’s Junior Coaching Programme.
  • During any of the internal junior activities organized and run by the Junior Committee of the club.
  • During any of the closed club tournaments run by the Junior Committee of the club.

We wish to make it clear that while there may be adults present in the club premises at other times the club does not regard their presence as the provision of adequate adult supervision and it is not responsible for the safety and protection of your child outside of the specific activities listed above


















Junior Members:

Junior member’s hours at the club are until 6 pm unless they are participating in the junior coaching programme. Parents are asked to ensure that junior members are collected promptly at 6pm.

A junior member can play on a court with a senior member in the evening time provided that there is no demand for courts by senior members. Senior members have precedence on court usage.

Junior members (under 16 years of age) must be supervised by their one of their parents or guardian(s) if on the club grounds after 7.00pm.

During tournaments junior members are welcome at the club up to 9pm once they are supervised by a parent or guardian.