Club Rules & Attire

  1. Show respect and courtesy to your opponents, your partner, and others on or near the courts. Keep your voice down (including loud
    grunting during points and screaming after points) and confined to your court as much as possible so as not to disrupt players on adjacent
  2. Bad language is not tolerated.
  3. Verbal abuse of any club member, club committee or its officers may result in immediate expulsion from the club.
  4. Do not walk onto another court during a game, please wait for the players to finish the game, or minimally the point, before walking onto/behind their court. It is very distracting to have someone disrupt a game in progress, so if you must cross another court, do so after the game is finished, and go around the court, not through the middle.
  5. Players generally re-take the point if a ball from another game lands on their court. A first serve will apply in this instance.
  6. If your ball rolls onto an adjacent court, wait for them to finish the point and kindly ask for “a little help” to get their attention. Under no circumstances should you run over onto their court in the middle of a point to retrieve the ball yourself.
  7. Respect your Partner and Opponent. Do not criticize your partner or opponent, be positive and offer encouragement your partner instead.
  8. Line Calls can be hard to see from the other side of the court so you must call your own lines, ensuring your opponent can hear you.  A ball that touches any part of the line is good. Always respect the line calls of your opponent because s/he is nearer than you.
  9. Food/chewing gum is not permitted on courts.
  10. No ball games except for tennis are allowed on court.
  11. Proper tennis attire should be worn on the courts at all times.
  12. For competition and league play predominately white tennis clothing should be worn.
  13. Rugby and football jerseys and shorts are not permitted.
  14. Members should ensure that they wear proper tennis shoes appropriate for the synthetic grass surface of our courts. Casual shoes or road running footwear are not appropriate. Please ensure that you wipe your feet on the mats provided before going on to the courts or entering the clubhouse.
  15. No fees will be returned in the event of any sanction due to a breach of rules.